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Product Registration


Thanks for purchasing our product. Reasons to register your product:

  • Warranty - We will try our best to make sure everything is perfect, but if it doesn't, we’ll make it right.

  • Support - Get the most from your products with easy access to email.

  • Offers & Updates - Get special offers, new products or feature updates.

All warranty returns for defective products will be sent to our distribution center. We’ll notify you once your item has been received and replacement has been shipped.

* Serial Number could be found on the GiftBox, it is a metallic silver sticker (with Shell hologram laser mark) in 12 alpha-numeric digits XXXXXXXXX  XXX, by scanning the QR code and can then perform the online authentic check. Below is an example of the sticker. 

















Please find the detail of the warranty policy on this page.

Car charger.jpg
EV charger.jpg
Power station.jpg
Enjoy an extension of warranty and latest product news.

Thanks for submitting!

* All Shell Energy Product is warranted for one (1) year from the date of sales invoice.

* Please register online the completed Product Warranty Registration to SKY INTELLIGENT to get extra warranty WITHIN 10 DAYS from the date of purchase, otherwise it may cause delay in warranty service.

* All Terms and Conditions stated are subject to change without notice. SKY INTELLIGENT retains final deciding authority in case of dispute.

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