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Powering reliability is our mission


One of the core values of Sky Intelligent is the commitment to consumers and the society. By that, Sky Intelligent means providing cleaner energy solutions in a more responsible and trustworthy way. We share this long-term vision with all global citizens. And now, we decided to take a step forward to provide safest and promising charging options for customers. 


Assure a dependable power future


Sky Intelligent is dedicated to satisfy all the needs generated from the mobile living style with our innovation in a safe and enjoyable way. Further, our obligation to support you to travel wherever you desire remains unchanged. By bringing all the thoughts into reality, we introduce you our new series.


Handy, safe, efficient and reliable from indoor to outdoor​


As the licensee fo Shell, we provide a collection of practical, high-functioned and well-designed electric inventions which covers all sorts of your daily needs, ranging from car driving to your indoor and outdoor applications. Branded with renowned energy supplier in the world, we bring you the best experience in driving cleaner and more powerful via our innovative designs including Shell car chargers, Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers, power bank, quick-charge car chargers and portable power stations.

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