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Powering Progress Through Innovative Design

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Recently, InsideEVs reviewed our 40-amp portable electric vehicle charger giving it a score of 72 out of 100. The reviewer concluded that while it was a good product, there was room for improvement. We appreciate the feedback and are continually working to incorporate what our clients tell us to develop and improve our technologies.


We believe that by consistently delivering quality products and services, we will be your go-to provider for all your power needs, from phone charging to portable solutions for the outdoor enthusiast.


One concern mentioned by the reviewer was that our device was not fully UL-certified. However, all the components of the charger are individually UL certified.


Sky Intelligent chargers are certified to the strict safety standards, including:

  • Safety in use: Multi-Protection (short circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage, overcharge, and overheating protection)

  • Safety in charging: Certified safe - UL certification (complete protection for you and your devices)

We are working toward the full UL certification for the EV charger and expect to be fully certified by year-end.

The reviewer suggested that the length of the Charging station device was less than 30 feet. He concluded this by solely measuring the length of the cord. However, we measure the device end to end, including the handle, to arrive at our length of 30 feet.


He further expressed concerns over the NEMA 14-50 plug connection. We had previously addressed this issue, redesigned the plug, and the improved plug connection is standard in all current product offerings.


He noted that the freeze test resulted in the stiffening of the cord. In extremely cold weather, the cable may stiffen; however, tests indicate no effect on performance.


Lastly, the review noted that the charger initially charges at 16 amps(Maximum value) and then autocorrects to 15 amps to meet the vehicle's needs being charged. With a range of electric vehicles in the market with different charging needs, our product is designed to connect to the EV and regulate the charging levels to the protocols of the individual vehicles. This allows the EV charger to offer the best charging experience regardless of the make or model of the vehicle being charged.


Safety First Dominates our Development Process

At Sky Intelligent, we take safety seriously, and we welcome your feedback to help us improve our offerings.


Earlier this year, we introduced our S-PROTECH protocols to ensure our product line offers quick, safe, and state-of-the-art technologies to meet our clients' charging needs. We understand how important it is to trust the products you buy online, and the S-Protech seal guarantees our products meet and exceed the quality standards set for charging products.

Shell, the renowned energy supplier, brands our products, so you know you are buying quality. We want you to use our products with confidence, knowing that a world-leader in energy products stands behind the quality of our products. Shell's product stewardship – "To understand and manage the potential health, safety and environmental risks presented by our products, we evaluate them carefully. We work closely with our customers and suppliers, monitor any changes in the science behind our products, and support research if it helps us to reduce their risks even further."


We genuinely welcome your feedback as we partner together in Powering Progress.

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