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Top 7 Things to Consider
when Buying a Power Station

Power stations are fantastic ways to condense power and keep all of your electronics charged up. Whether you are on the go or just lounging around, power stations can bring the power to you in the most convenient way possible. However, not all power stations are created equally, so knowing how to pick out the best ones is very valuable. Here are seven things to consider when buying a power station! 

1. How Many and What Outputs You Need?

You need to get a power station that has enough outputs for you. Some have two, and some have four. So, you need to know how many and what types of devices you will usually be charging at any one time. 


A unique feature of the Shell Portable Power Station is the wireless charging capability. This adds another convenient output, so you can have your wireless charging enabled devices being charged without bringing one more cable.


2. How Many ways of Inputs?

The types of inputs are also really important. The Shell Power Station is a solar charger that is backed up with a lithium battery. So, if it is sunny and you are outside, you can use that capability. If not, you have a solid battery to fall back on. 


If you get a power station that only has one or two types of input, you will be limited.

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3. How Long It Takes to be Fully Charged?

Planning out your usage heavily revolves around how long it takes for the power station to be fully charged. If your power station takes a long time to charge, this needs to be factored into your planning more specifically. 


For example, the Shell Power Station takes a little less than five hours to fully charge. But, since you are getting so much charging power out of it, this is relatively quick.


4. Light Enough to Carry but Powerful Enough to Charge  Your Devices?

Especially when on the go, which is almost every time you would need to use a power station, you need something that is light enough to not be a hassle but powerful enough to get enough charges in. Normal power stations will be 10-15 pounds, so keep that in mind. 

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5. Battery Safety and Durability

You also need the peace of mind that you are safe when using a power station. Because accidents can happen and batteries innately impose some risk, it is important to buy one that is safe and durable. For example, if you leave a power station empty for months at a time, you need one like the Shell Portable Power Station that can safely fire back up and still work. 

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6. Warranty

Being covered with a warranty is an often overlooked aspect of buying anything. Having a warranty will keep you protected in case anything comes up after the purchase. Shell Power Station comes with a one year warranty and if you sign up for a VIP program, another year of warranty will be covered.

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7. Extra useful features

Some of the extra features that are on the Shell Portable Power Station include:

  • 44 charges for most mobile phones

  • 8 charges for most laptops

  • Features car outlets, USB ports, and standard outlets

  • Big clear LCD screen to show charge life

Black Friday 

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*This discount offer is valid until 26 November 2021

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