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Shell Portable Electric Vehicle Charger 32A

  • [Fast Charging]
    Level 2 (32Amps, 240V) ev charger, up to 5x faster than a standard wall outlet (level 1). Designed to make EV charging quick and effortless.

    Adjustable current mode and timer feature allows EV charging more cost-effective. Auto Mode maximizes current output for fast EV charging, Manual Mode optimises current output to prolong battery life. Set a timer to only charge when electricity is cheapest.

    Supply with 110V cable and a tailored protective case for secure storage in the vehicle, you can recharge your vehicle anywhere during traveling or visiting relatives and friends. Waterproof & dustproof (IP66), works in all weather for both indoor and outdoor charging.

    Works with ALL electric vehicles & plug-in hybrids with J1772 connector. Compatible with leading EVs such as Tesla(w/adaptor), Ford, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, Chevrolet, Kia and many more. 30 FT.(9.1 M) from plug to charging gun, 5FT extra longer and sturdier than most level 2 EV chargers allowing you to flexibly park your car.

    Unique S-PROTECH technology to ensure smart and safe charging in maximum speed, protect against short-circuit, current leakage, grounding, thermal, over-charger and over-current. Easy to set up, just plug the charger into NEMA 14-50 outlet, and charge your vehicle instantly.

Shell Car Charger Mini 24W contains twin USB ports suits charging to any devices. With the perfect control on material, advanced and various safety protection, we ensure you a full protection.

  • Ultra compact and light-weight

  • Dual Charging ports: 12W USB A *2

  • Soft LED light 

  • 12 months warranty

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