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Shell Quick Charge Car Charger Mini 54W

  • Multi-Port Quick Charging- 3-Port 54W USB Car Charger provides 30W + 24W power to charge multiple smartphones, laptops, tablets and digital cameras simultaneously. You can easily access all your devices while driving.

  • S-Protech IC Smart Charging Technology - Smart Safety feature prevents the circuit from being overloaded, outflow short circuit, overheating, high voltage, and prevents your valuable devices from damage due to surge overload.

  • Premium Quality Flame-Resistant - exclusive circuit design and premium quality high temperature resistant, surge-protected and fireproof that guarantees charging security which keeps your devices well protected.

  • Ergonomic, Sleek & Minimalist Design- Innovative and exclusive space-saving design of car USB charger 3-Port increases the efficiency while upturning the aesthetic value, ergonomic, and compact size allows easy plugging and unplugging of device.

  • Highly Compatible Adapter - Widely compatible 30W PD USB Type-C + QC USB A ports, it can charge your laptops, iPad, iPhone Pro/Max/Mini, Tablets, Samsung, Google, One Plus, LG and all other digital devices simultaneously in no time.

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Car Charger 54W A+-10(R1).jpg

Shell Quick Charge Car Charger Mini 54W

3 Port Dual Quick Charge USB A + 30w PD USB C Charger Adapter

Shell Car Charger Mini 54W contains dual QC USB A and 30W PD USB C port which can charge any devices. With the perfect control on material, advanced and various safety protection, we ensure you a full protection.

  • Compact and powerful

  • Trio Charging ports: Max 18W USB A *2, Max 30W USB C*1

  • Soft LED light

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Overload Protection Feature
The Shell portable car charger has a built-in integrated S-Protech system to protect your device under overcharge, overcurrent, overheating and overload, and automatic shutdown technology to keep your valuable devices safe.

Power Delivery and Quick Charging
Multi USB port car phone charger provides quick and simultaneous charging for three devices, smart IC technology auto-detects with the plugged-in devices and provides the optimum charging rate.

Car Charger 54W A+-14(R1).jpg

Ergonomic and Sleek Design
To achieve a better charging experience, we have come with our latest innovation, one of the best car accessories for fast charging of your devices that keeps your cellar devices charged. You can easily adjust the portable charger for the car in any position, charge up your devices, and travel with ease.

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Car Charger 54W A+-15(R1).jpg

High Standard Safety Protocols
The safety protocols of the QC car charger are flawless and completely certified by the recognized authorities.

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Fully support Apple Mag safe wireless charging
With our PD 20W USB-C port, it provide full throttle for Mag safe wireless charging to iPhone 12/12 mini/12 Pro/12 Pro Max (as well as with compatible MagS phone cases).

Car Charger 54W A+-17(R1).jpg

Extensive Compatibility
Shell Car Charger 54W mini allows simultaneous charging of multiple devices. 30W PD USB-C is suitable for Macbook Air and all other notebooks or tablets at full speed. It is the best car charger that perfectly fits in and steadily charges while on a drive.

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