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New Release: Shell Portable Electric Vehicle Charger Level 2, 32/40A 240V Car Charger
Comes with the Best Features for Speed, Safety and Compatibility 

“I drive a 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV LT and recently bought this 40 amp Shell Recharge mobile EVSE with a NEMA 14-50 plug and the typical J1772 connector. ​


It is user-friendly for both at home and in road trip situations. I took my Bolt EV to an RV campground, it perfectly fared on the kind of 240 volt outlet you would get when you hit the road and go to a national park or KOA location. ​


For Level 2 charging, you simply leave the adapter in the carrying case and plug the thick NEMA 14-50 plug into the correct outlet. It selects the proper output when you plug it into both the car and the outlet.“

-------- Chris, Shell EV Recharge Portable user

Simple To Use

Shell Portable Electric Vehicle Charger Level 2 Car Chargers are designed for the best charging experience on the market. It requires NO instalment and it is simple to use.

One of our customers, professional athlete world cup winner and social media influencer

--------- Viktor Drago, is using Shell portable EV charger on his Tesla, watch his video to learn more! 

Best Features For Speed, Safety and Compatibility

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Fast Charging 


  • Quicker EV portable charger level 2 (32 Amps/40 Amps, 240V), up to 5X to 7X quicker than Level 1 original car charger. 

  • Designed to make EV charging quick and effortless.

Charge Faster and Smarter


  • Adjustable current mode and timer allows EV charging the most cost effective

  • Auto Mode maximizes current output for fast EV charging

  • Manual Mode optimises current output to prolong battery life

S-Protech Safety Technology


Signature S-Protech safety technology provides 

  • overheating protection

  • over-voltage protection

  • over-current, leakage protection

  • lightning-proof

  • unique auto-cutoff system

  • built with flame resistant material

  • IP67 waterproof rating of the control box and EV connector

Versatile Vehicle Compatibility 


  • Electric Vehicle Charger Plug fits all electric vehicle models: Tesla, Fiat, Hyundai, Nissan, Honda, BMW, Chevrolet, Kia, Toyota, Chrysler, Jaguar, etc. 

  • 30ft cable allows you to connect your car 263 sqm around the outlet.

ReCharge Anywhere Anytime


  • Good to use anywhere with a NEMA 14-50R outlet

  • Comes with a 120 volt plug adapter, making it possible to use it as a level 1 charging setup when a 240 volt outlet is unavailable for level 2 charging. 

  • Comes with a unique protection bag to carry the car charger in your car when you are traveling or visiting relatives and friends.

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Customers Like It

“On my Bolt, connecting the EVSE into a 240 volt outlet on a 50 amp panel got 29 to 30 amps out of 32, with a charge rate that fluctuated between 6.8 and 7.0 kw. An hour of charging gets me about 6.8 kWh of charge or about 28 miles. That would result in about an 8.8 hour charge time to take the 2017 Bolt from dead 0 to 100% or the ~238 miles rated by the EPA.

In either level 1 and level 2 situations, the body of the EVSE stayed relatively cool, with only a subtle hint of warmth in the thick casing as it powered the car.”

-------- Chris, Shell EV Recharge Portable user

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