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Shell Solar Generator SPS700

  • [Green Power Supply] The Shell electric generator can be recharged by the solar panel charger 100w. The solar powered charger use the power of the sun to provide endless green, environmentally friendly power to our power station without having to worry about running out of power. The solar panel is ideal for RV, camping, climbing, hiking, boats, or in an emergency.

  • [Power Up 10 Device Simultaneously] As a 583Wh portable generator, including 2*AC outlets, 2*DC outlets, 1*USB C, 3* USB-A ports, 1*car outlet and 1*wireless charging port. It can power up to 10 devices simultaneously to charge your trip or outdoor essentials such as phones, laptops, cameras, running lights, fans, heater, C-PAP machine under 500w, 12v Fridge and so on. Note that the total rated wattage of the AC outlets should be under 500W (surge 750W).

  • [Recharge By Solar] Shell 500W portable solar generator can be fully recharged in 5-8H from the sun. Portable solar panel in 100W Max output, with Open Circuit voltage(OCV): 24V max. Foldable design with handle, weight only 9.63 lbs, easily adjust the angle by the kickstands for better solar absorption and convenient to carry around for outdoor camping. The solar panel have a high conversion efficiency of 23%, charging your solar generators even on cloudy days.

  • [Safety and Durability] With pure lithium battery and pure sine wave inverter, Shell power station can work as a portable CPAP generator. Solar Panel has IP65 rated dust and water resistance improves performance and durability, extends the panel’s lifespan. Combine the 100w solar panel with shell power station, making it ideal for outdoor camping and hiking.

  • [What You Get] 1x Shell 500W power station in 583Wh battery capacity, Extra gift of 1 x 100W foldable solar panel and accessories. Because the products are in the form of a bundle, don’t worry when you receive only part of the product, we will display another tracking number on the outer carton you have received.

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